Our First Kernel

   After many months of praying about if we should open a popcorn store, we were given a pretty neat sign from the Lord. So we want to share with you the story of the kernel.

   It was a typical beautiful Sunday morning in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Krystal and I were in our seats at our morning church service when something on the floor caught my eye. I had to take a second glance because what I thought I saw did not seem possible. Could it be … a tiny popcorn seed? I gave Krystal a nudge and pointed to the ground. She looked at the seed, looked back at me with a confused smile, and I knew she was thinking what I was thinking. Krystal slowly bent down and picked up what we couldn’t believe we were seeing on the church floor. Sure enough, it was a single popcorn seed. Not two or three, just one little kernel. Out of all times, all places, and all things, how did we find one little popcorn seed in the Lord’s house? As Krystal started tearing up with happiness and surprise, I was at a loss for words and shocked out of my shell. We both knew we had just been given an answer to our prayers. To this day we have no idea how that precious kernel landed where it did and when it did, but our God works in wonderful and mysterious ways. In the following months, we opened our store in Lake Havasu City, home of the famous London Bridge. Our store carried 67 flavors of gourmet popcorn that was popped daily for delicious perfection.  After great success with the store, we decided to take our business to the next level as a wholesaler, relocate to Oregon, and infuse our gourmet popcorn with Hemp Derived. That’s the story of our first kernel and how we established "We Be Pop'n/Kana Korn Gourmet Popcorn".