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Our Story


Our First Kernel

 After many months of praying about if we should open a popcorn store. We came across a pretty neat sign from the Lord. So we thought we would share with you the story of the Kernel.
   It was a a typical beautiful morning in Lake Havasu City. Krystal and I were at our morning service. Before you knew it something on the floor catches my eye. I had to take a second glance because what I think I saw could not be possible. I believe I'm looking at one tiny little popcorn seed, but not exactly sure. I'm shocked at this point, but have to keep quite because were in the middle of service. So I give Krystal a little nudge and pointed to the ground. She looks at the corn, looks back at me with a confused look but also a smile.  She now thinks what im thinking. A minute or two goes by and Krystal couldn't help but to bend down and pick up what couldn't possibly be on the church floor. Sure enough its one single little popcorn seed. Not 2 or 3 just one little kernel. Out of all times, all places, all things, and all people. How could Krystal and I find one little popcorn seed in the Lords house. So now Krystal starts tearing up with beautiful happiness. I myself was lost of words and shocked out of my shell. Both knowing we have just witnessed a wonderful sign from the Lord. To this day we have no idea how that precious little object got to where it did and when it did. Just shows you how our God works in such wonderful and mysterious ways. We Opened our store in Lake Havasu City Arizona. Where the famous London Bridge is located. Our Store carried 97 flavors of delicious gourmet popcorn that was popped daily for perfection.  We decided to take our popcorn to the next level, relocate to Oregon and infuse our gourmet popcorn with THC and CBD. Thats the story of our first kernel and how we established "We Be Pop'n/Kana Korn Gourmet popcorn".